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Alex is an entrepreneur, writer and speaker. He is the CEO of Metapress, a fast-growing resource for lifelong learners to gain practical skills. He is also the CEO of X3 Digital, a Google Certified internet marketing and design company, where he helps businesses grow through organic and paid search marketing, web development, and branding. Jasin's writing can be found on Business Insider, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, CMI, Mediabistro, and other leading publications.

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Mobile Interface Myths You Should Throw Out The Window

If anything’s clear in 2017, it’s that lying is back in fashion (if it ever left us at all). From the heated fake news debate to the false data provided by Facebook, lying is all the rage these days. A white lie here and there is no big deal. We’re all guilty of it. The problem arises when lies turn into full-grown myths, then become accepted as truths.

Mobile Interface Myths You Should Throw Out The Window

In an era of digital chaos, we understandably gravitate to our trusted sources of information. For us designers, this usually means guidelines as defined by juggernauts such as Google and Apple.


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